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Oct. 29, 2021

94.TikTok, Soap Boxes & Catch Ups

94.TikTok, Soap Boxes & Catch Ups

Watch Out TikTok, Here We Come!

In this week's episode , Terri & Melissa get caught up on  the projects they've been working on. Terri gets on a soap box and gets a little vulnerable about being on video & feeling a bit old. Terri is obsessed with TikTok star, Elyse Myers,

Melissa and Terri start Helen Polise, TIkTok Teacher's $15.00 course ( it's good!) and get into:

The Weekend Watch:

Only Murders in the Building 

The Bureau 

Rocky Horror Picture Show

A Quiet Place

Next Week is our 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

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