Adventurous, Curious & Fun After 50


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Instant Connection

From the very first episode, I was hooked! Listening to Terri and Melissa…it was like listening to friends. I can relate to so many of the topics they discuss, and every episode is as interesting as the next. I’m obsessed with these ladies…in a good way. 😊

REAL conversations with practical advice

Melissa and Terri make it so easy to tune into each episode week with their fun and approachable personalities. But it’s the actionable tips that will make you want to keep coming back for more. These conversations are real and the advice is practical—exactly what I look for in a podcast

Shaken, not Stirred, with a Shot of Laughter

Terri and Melissa are your new fun friends always ISO their next caper. I learn a little, I laugh a lot and I look forward to where they will head next as they live life fully in the midlife lane. Authentic and down to earth, come meet the gals you wish lived next door!

Always a good laugh

Terri and Melissa are your two friends you didn’t know you needed until now! Warm, funny, sarcastic in the best way: give them a listen. You’ll walk away with a great recipe for a cocktail, maybe a challenge or two , something to laugh about and discover things you didn’t know you were missing!


Great job Terri!

Fabulous and Fun!

These ladies feel like friends. It’s just like hanging out...positive chatting with fun stories and inspirational too. I’ve just discovered it so I’m going to go back and listen to them all!

Fun and Amazing

These two amazing ladies are the real deal. They are both fun and knowledgeable and like spilling the tea to help others learn, grow and empower. If you haven’t taken a listen to their podcast yet your definitely missing out on some awesome stories and content 👏 Thank you Terri and Melissa for all you do. Many Blessings 🙏 Roy Tomko

Love this pod!

I love listening to Terri share her knowledge, insight and humor. Her approach to mid-life is exactly what we need in the world!

Love it!

Terri always inspires me to try new things. She’s so fun and encouraging. I love that each episode is honest and refreshing. Even though I’m in my thirties, I find it very relatable. She has a positive energy that just hooks you. Highly recommended!

Fun, unpredictable and inspiring

I love the self-deprecating humor of this podcast - plus Terri’s energy and enthusiasm and sense of exploration. It is not just another self-help podcast, but more one that makes you feel like you are hanging with your best friend and getting motivated to DO SOMETHING (and something fun!)

Mix it up with Terri

This podcast has made me laugh out loud, but also has caused me to pause and think about what I am now ready to take on that I might not have been able or willing to before. Terri pushes herself to try big new ideas, but also smaller ones, and I think this is a terrific framework with which to approach midlife. Plus, she is so fun and energetic, you will certainly feel refreshed after each episode. Thanks for being a great guide, Terri!

Terri's Upbeat and Hilarious!

It's never too early to drink with Terri. Her upbeat positivity gives renewed energy in a world that seems to drain it all away!


While I still have kids at home, I identify with this podcast. I am in a transitional phase - figuring out what I want next after leaving a 20 year career. This podcast will inspire you to keep or start working on personal development.