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Sept. 17, 2021

88. Too Old For TikTok?

88. Too Old For TikTok?

Are we too old for TikTok? Terri is pretty tech savvy, and loves all things social,  but "doesn't get it". Is it because we're over 50 and didn't grow up with social media or is it something else?  All the TikTok stars she knows, she knows because of the Taylor Strecker Show.TSS co-host, Andrea Lopez Comedy is a TikTok sensation and does an incredible Kourtney Kardashian impersonation.

Melissa has a night time routine that includes TikTok and she gets the social platform just a tad bit more than Terri. "You don't find it, it finds you". Melissa has found Whiteyy18 and Caseyrieger8

Weekend Watch:

Weekend Watch:

Fabulous Fungi Netflix

The Hack HBO Max

Clickbait Netflix

Fossey Verdun

Pippin (the movie) Amazon

the D’Amelio show Hulu


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