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Jan. 22, 2021

55.Declutter & Shift Into Your Next Chapter

Clearing and Letting Go

Too much clutter in your mind and in your home? Today we're talking with Mary V., a certified Master Life Coach, Senior Move Manager, and the author of the book, PopUpPurge: Release Midlife Clutter & Reclaim Inner Clarity. 
Mary helps women over 40 uncover their next life chapter by decluttering what they no longer need, use or want in the house.

Her process begins with us each creating a manifesto of WHY we want to do this, WHAT we want to accomplish by doing this and HOW our lives will look when we do this.

There's journaling involved (yay for Terri). If journaling isn't your vibe, think of it as list making (yay for Melissa). Either way a little introspection will go a long way!

Let's make space together!

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