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Nov. 14, 2019

03. The Dinner Dilemma

03. The Dinner Dilemma

Going to LA and love  Vanderpump Rules? Try TomTom Bar and get the Toulouse Your Mind. Here’s how I made my version of the Toulouse Your Mind:

1.5 oz absinthe

1.25 Ginger Liqueur

.50 oz. Lemon juice

1.0 oz pineapple juice

1 thin slice of a habanero pepper

Slice the habanero really thin and be very careful not to get this anywhere near your eyes or nose. Wear gloves and make sure to wash your hands as soon as you’re done slicing. 

Those suckers are HOT!

Throw a slice of the habanero, seeds and all into a shaker and muddle it up. Fill the shaker with ice, then add the absinthe, ginger liqueur, lemon, and pineapple juice. Give it a good hard shake and pour it into a coupe glass, using a fine mesh strainer to catch any seeds.

If you want to give the dinner wheel a spin, take a look at mine and then make one for yourself by adding a bunch of your favorites to this free online spinner tool


Dinner Wheel 



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